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Bwrw Ymlaen

AM SETS OUT 32 POINT PLAN FOR LOCAL ECONOMY The economy of the Llanelli constituency can get better, but only if people are bold and work together; that’s the message of a new economic plan launched by the AM for Llanelli, Lee Waters. The AM, who sits on the Assembly’s Economy & Infrastructure Committee, has […]

Digital Panel Report

DIGITAL EXPERTS CALL FOR A SYSTEM REBOOT Wales needs a Chief Digital Officer and a Minister for Digital with authority right across the public services, a Digital Strategy that ensures problems are addressed from the point of view of the member of the public who will be using the service, and a team of specialist […]

Automation Roundtable

Over 700,000 jobs are at risk from automation in Wales over the next two decades – roughly one job in every two (in specified sectors). Even more worrying is the deeply gendered impact of automation; for every three males jobs lost, one will be replaced, whilst women will lose five jobs for each new one […]

Cyfarfod Bord Gron ar Awtomatiaeth

Mae dros 700,000 o swyddi mewn perygl yng Nghymru oherwydd awtomatiaeth dros y ddau ddegawd nesaf – sef tua un o bob dwy swydd (mewn sectorau penodol). Mae effaith sylweddol awtomatiaeth ar sail rhyw yn peri mwy o bryder hyd yn oed; disodlir un o bob tair swydd i ddynion sy’n cael eu colli, tra […]


Getting involved with a litter pick can be hugely rewarding. And it’s great for kids, too – it gets them outside, is educational and the results are immediately rewarding. If you’re tempted, there are plenty of voluntary litter picking groups across the Llanelli constituency that you can get involved with. Use the map to find […]